For her, he was more than a dream.

Even though back then, he was really annoying.

For him, she was just someone usual.

Not that pretty. Not that smart.

He was a monster years ago;

the type of guy who rarely smiles.

She was boyish until now;

the type of girl who often grins.

The monster left.

The damsel was lonely.

She couldn’t find hope.

She was lost. She was rejected.

Years passed by, the unsaid feelings remain still.

The damsel tried to forget him.

Unluckily, she did not.

The monster grew up.

He uttered unexpected words.

The damsel couldn’t believe it.

She was confused.

She’s been waiting for that moment;

Waiting for her dream to come true.

Waiting to reach the untouchable star.

Waiting to be loved back by her first love, first heartbreak.

Fate? Maybe. Just maybe..

Just one thing for the monster, “Whatever the case may be, the damsel will be waiting..”