*photo not mine*

          I can see the rays of the sun through my bedroom’s window. Yippee! It’s morning again, my favorite part of the day. I can already hear the sound made by dad in the kitchen as he stirs the cup of milk he is preparing for me. And yes, I still lay here in my bed waiting for him to knock on my door and greet me with his sweet line, “Good morning my little princess!”. That’s how I start my day; wait for my dad in my bedroom (pretending that I am still asleep) as he brings me my morning drink and wait for him to kiss me on my forehead.

          I’m already fond of hearing people around me calling me Daddy’s girl. Well, I really am. I easily get what I want whenever I ask for it to my dad. Things like set of encyclopedia, chessboard, a box of rubber band, a Mickey Mouse bag, Teletubbies shirts, CDs of The Beatles, STEP, and Scorpions as well, and even musical instruments such as guitar, piano, and flute. They were all served to me in just a blink of an eye. That’s how it feels like to be a daddy’s girl. I get what I want but I make sure I also give him back what he deserves. I payback using my medals every end of the school year. Those are the best things I know that could make him happy. The feeling that I get whenever my father gives me what I want fuels my mind and heart to always do good things in return. It’s a key to their happiness and it became an inspiration and motivation for me to do even more.

          I can still remember one late night scenario when I was talking with mom and dad in the master’s bedroom regarding of the reward they would give me. (I claim my prize every after Recognition Program and their gifts sometimes depends on how many medals I’ve received.) I don’t know what crossed my mind back then and what caused me say “I want a the latest model of Yamaha Piano.” I wasn’t expecting that he’ll give me such for I know it’s such an expensive thing. Also, I am not sure if he’ll take it seriously because of its availability in our place. Surprisingly, he immediately then drove using his car to Manila. And guess what? The piano was served days after I asked for it. Oh, well. What else can I say? I am as lucky as the richest man in the world for I have my Dad.

          Aside from I get every little and big thing I want, I also have my Human Diary. I can tell dad everything that crosses my mind. From the hardships I’ve struggled during memorizing the poem my teacher gave me up to my opinion about the game of Triple H and Undertaker. He was there comforting me whenever Chris Benoit loses a match. He always makes sure that I have someone to talk to when no one seems to listen to my endless little problems in life. He’s the only one to laugh whenever I crack an old-fashioned joke. He’s there to tap my back whenever I don’t get the highest score during a periodical examination. Dad is and has always been there for me during my happy and tough times. He never let me feel alone. And I know he never will. I’m his little princess, right?

          Being a daddy’s girl doesn’t end in just being a daddy’s girl. It’s more of a responsibility wherein you have to take care of the trust your father has given to you. You have to make sure that you think twice or more before taking a step especially if you’re not certain about of your action’s outcome. It’s a great feeling to treasure for the rest of your life. It’s more of a place where you could feel security, fulfillment, and love. It’s a thing you’ll carry even if you’re no longer a young girl. It will always stay in your heart even if you no longer wait for your dad to bring your morning drink in the bedroom for you are already up before the sunrise. Know that for him, you’ll always be his little princess no matter what happens.