Escaping in the reality with the help of music used to be my defense mechanism against problems in life. I have my own world when it comes to music. What’s strange is that I care less whenever new songs exist. Yup, I’m a big fan of not-so-well-known type of music. I’m always ahead of the curve. I’ve this complicated relationship with songs produced by life-changing bands. These songs are those which aren’t even played on radio stations.

Urbandub will always be one of my favorite Filipino rock bands. They’re the first indie band in the Philippines to release albums nationwide with the assistance of major label. They produced some of the finest songs the local scene has ever heard. I’ve been tied to this band because it fosters a more creatively-driven appreciation of what art really is. My favorite among the rest of their songs is “The Fight is Over.” This is a deeply emotional rock song about couple starting to treat one another like strangers. Both were speechless after the break up. The lyrics are straight to the point and the beat is very unusual. Urbandub encourages exploration for the meanings behind their songs are in the depths of underground.

Another band I like is Moonstar88. They’re one of the best bands ever. Their talent in composing songs and producing melody is undoubtedly great. It’s like I can go on a bus trip the whole year if I’ll be given an earphones and player with Moonstar88 as one of the playlists. Never will I feel bored. That’s for sure. Their best song for me is “Sulat.” I don’t really know why but this song somehow reminds me of the past. I’m not sure if it’s about the calm melody or the nostalgic lyrics behind the song that attracts me the most. But whatever it is, one thing is certain, Moonstar88 will always be one of the best Filipino alternative rock bands I’ve ever heard.

Also, take time to hear the songs of Indie pop rock band, Up Dharma Down. For me, they’re best at making great combination between lyrics and melody. Their talent in combining the two is undeniably great. Honestly, I usually close my eyes whenever I listen to their song, “Feelings.” The wholeness of the song explain why I always do. It’s like you go to another place where broken hearts exist and at the same time you feel that you’re one of them even if you’re not. They have magic in their songs that makes their music really odd and different among any other bands.

Listening to indie music has always been part of my life. I prefer such type because of its uniqueness. The meanings are usually deeper and the beat of the songs are more often better. There’s really a big difference between indie music fan and mainstream music fan. These type of music have many ways of leaving an impact on someone’s life. These sends either good or bad messages and at the same time serves as a catalyst for new ideas that have big impact on how people act. And yes, I’m taking the route where Indie music is going. Never will I change my way of direction.